Size chart

baby & toddler shoe sizes

1 3-6 months 10.3cm (4 inches)
2 6-9 months 11cm (4.3 inches)
3 9-12 months 12cm (4.7 inches)
4 12-18 months 13cm (5.1 inches)

Make sure you allow around 5mm on top of the foot length for comfort and growth.

To measure your babies feet, place the foot on a sheet of paper with the heel against the wall and the foot flat on the paper, then draw a line exactly in front of the longest toe, measure the distance from the heel to the toe on the paper and add another 5mm to allow for comfort and growth, that’s the size your child needs!
If you are unsure what size to get, it is usually safer to go for the bigger size.


mummy’s shoe sizes

4 35 2 22
5 36 3 22.7
6 37 4 23.4
7 38 5 24.1
8 39 6 24.8
9 40 7 25.5
10 41 8 26.2
11 42 9 26.9
12 43 10 27.6
13 44 11 28.3
14 45 12 29

To measure your feet, place your foot on a sheet of paper, then draw a line exactly where your heel starts and exactly in front of your longest toe, measure the distance from heel to toe. Make sure your feet are the same length, as quite a lot of people have one foot a little longer then the other. 

Our shoes are made of very soft leather and should sit quite snug on your foot, the soft leather also stretches a little bit with wear and moulds to your foot, creating a very comfortable fit and they are width adjustable at the bow at the front.