Our mummy and baby HEIDI’s are made of soft leather and will age with wear, which we think adds to the look!

To prevent discolouration, make sure you store the shoes out of the sunlight, as the shoe leather can fade and the leather string of the baby shoes darkens when left in the sun.

If you do get some dirt or stains on the shoes, just wipe them with a damp cloth, shoe polish, or a bit of vegetable oil, most stains should come out that way. (make sure you test a small spot first, before you apply shoe polish, or oil to the shoes, as our leather varies a bit from colour to colour and will absorb it differently, which might result into a darker shade).

There is also a possibility of the colour running, when the shoes get wet, use a bit of vegetable oil to get the colour off.

If for some reason the leather string at the front comes undone, it is easy to thread it up again…just start threading from the inside of the foot (where the big toes are) and continue to the end.