What our customers think about us

I love your shoes and when my eldest daughter started walking, your shoes were the ones I chose and have kept them for her to pass on to her kids. Now that I have a son that’s just started walking, I’m having a hell of a time finding shoes like yours that are a bit more suited for boys. I just purchased a moccasin by a well known brand and am so disappointed, they are no where near as good as your shoes. Please please consider expanding your range.

Keep up the great work

Lucy B

Just wanted to say a big thank you for making the most beautiful shoes!!! I really love them, the colours are perfect and turn a cute outfit into something extra special, AND my daughter keeps them on her feet!!! I have a couple of pairs now, and love them to bits! Thank you!!


We love our shoes! They go with everything!! And we get so many compliments!


I wanted to say thank you for the shoes. My daughter walks so well in them.

They are the only shoes that she keeps on, I am normally back tracking trying to find missing shoes.

These are wonderful. Thank you

Jen S

I just wanted to say how happy I am with my ‘mummy’ peep toe sandals, the leather is beautifully soft, they fit perfectly and I wore them all day today…they are super comfy! Can’t wait to buy another pair!

Olivia C.

Your shoes were one of our best baby ‘investments’. They are so beautiful and soft and hard wearing. They also grow with your child. We bought a size 4 and our little girl is still wearing them even though she is a size 6 now. We already have a tiny size one for baby #2 to arrive xx


We seriously love these shoes! They were so perfect for being out all day and they fit her perfectly. Like butter! THANK YOU!

Aubrey K

Hi there. Just wanted to thank you for our stunning stardust shoes. They are too cute and miss Daisy loves them! ☺

Tegan M

We love those shoes so much. They’re so cozy and such good quality!!

Lauren B